Stepping Up NFT Development with SecretShoot Labs

Blog Post by Tyler Diven



SecretShoot Labs, a Tyler Diven brand, brings cutting-edge NFT development tools for the fast-rising Metaverse world. Built on blockchain technology, SecretShoot Labsโ€™ tools power the minting of the highest quality of collectibles in the NFT space.

Based in Pittsburgh, PA., the firm comprises a team of blockchain experts and NFT enthusiasts, headed by Tyler Diven. Diven launched SecretShoot Labs in March 2020, while still studying at Pennsylvania State University, with the aim of accelerating the adoption of NFTs and the metaverse as the new age digital identifiers.

As a Digital Development Firm, SecretShoot Labs has its vision to be the pioneering NFT fashion house across the blockchain, offering the best quality collectibles ever. Freshly minted NFTs will be available to fans via the platformโ€™s marketplace, allowing users to conveniently collect fashion items for their metaverse characters.

Already, SecretShoot Labs has released various concepts for its fashion items for metaverse characters, starting with the CEO, Tyler Diven. These newly-minted NFTs offer a sneak peek to what fans should expect into the future regarding collectible fashion items on the metaverse. Speaking regarding the scope of NFT application Diven says, โ€œNFTs are not only a technological paradigm shift, but also a cultural shift, and the total addressable market of culture is virtually infinite.โ€

Founding the company aged only twenty, Tyler Diven has led the company to massive growth in the past year or so, given his expansive marketing experience and expert skills in web design and NFT development. SecretShoot Labs offers a fast and secure platform with minimal transaction costs for trading NFTs on its platform. Beyond that, the platform also provides educational resources through events to share the crucial skills behind running successful crypto projects.

As more users join the Metaverse, Diven believes SecretShoot Labs will expand its markets even further to create a solid NFT marketplace that is secure and trusted by the collectors.

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